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Modern Blitz QFD (no-matrix) training by Glenn Mazur

  Need training for your project?

In-company training - Custom tailored QFD for your organization/project, facilitation, train-the-trainer, related methods including Hoshin Planning, AHP, Kansei Engineering, TRIZ. Course catalog. Details:

Public training schedule -  for QFD Green Belt and QFD Black Belt

Custom tailored QFD Training: integrated into your DFSS, Phase-Gates


Field visit to customer to understand product in use.

  Mazur demonstrates how to analyze Voice of Customer for unspoken needs.  

Maximum Value Table deploys top customer needs to critical development activities.



1. Gemba Visits
See customers in action to understand their unknown unspoken needs. Focus Groups and Surveys only address what you know to ask.


2. Analyze VOC
Special tools translate VOC into customer needs. Produces ratio, not ordinal, scale prioritization, for Six Sigma precision.


3. Maximum Value table
Critical customer needs are mapped into functional requirements, which are deployed end-to-end throughout the development process.


Optional House
of Quality
HoQ is classical QFD, but modern Blitz QFD uses it only when extra detail is essential.



Engineers redesign most critical parts based on House of Quality. This saves time and money.

  QFD uses prototypes to validate the design, not troubleshoot.  

Mazur is given the honor of launching the new product.

  Mazur certifies each team member a QFD Black Belt.  


4. Redesign Critical Components
Developers should
focus best efforts on maximizing customer value.


5. Prototype/ Test
The prototype is used to validate the design, not troubleshoot.


6. Launch
Ongoing QFD support until the product or service is launched.


7.QFD Black Belt
Team members earn their QFD Black Belt and their boss' respect.










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